Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I've been trying to post this for a few days now but for some unknown reason every time I have tried to do it Blogger has crashed. I know I have a thing about soya cream but it comes in so useful that I just have to rant about it.

So here is my potato bake recipe...

First slice the potato into thin slices, the thiner the better but watch your fingers when doing it. I always make a flat side on the potato so that it doesn't roll around everywhere. I also slice some leeks thinly  and set aside.

I use a Pyrex dish to cook mine in but you can also use a baking dish. If you use a glass dish you can start off the dish in the Microwave to help it off.

Layer the potato's and leeks, not forgetting to add salt and pepper on each layer.

In a pan use two cartons of soya cream and using one of the empty cartons fill it with water and add it to the cream. I also add a vegan stock cube to the mix and heat it all through. If you don't want to use stock you can always use nutritional yeast to add a cheese taste.

Pour the cream/stock mixture over the potato's and place into the microwave covered in food wrap (this part is optional but it helps with the cooking time and I don't know about you but once you have taste this dish once you'll want it to be as quick as posable so you can do it all the time)

Now if you want to just bake it in the oven then start it off for the first with an extra 20 mins in the oven with silver foil over it so it doesn't burn. 

Bake it for 40 mins at 180 or until you can get a knife through it without the potato giving to much resistance. You will notice that the bake shrinks by about a third.

I eat this on its own with some vegetables but you can add whatever you want...

Bear. X 

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Gaia said...

Hey Bear!

This potato bake looks so good! I make something similar but never thought of using leeks! I'll do that next time - thank you!