Friday, February 01, 2008

I have over the last six months tried to change the range of books I'm listening to so I can offer advice to customers from a broader background of knowledge. 

One of the books that has been on everyones lips for the last few months has been Agent Zigzag, a true life story of an english secret agent in the second world war.

Eddie Chapman a would be smalltime crook gets caught up in the German invasion of the Channel Islands, he sees his only way free and back to England is to offer to be a spy for the Germans. 

This book takes you through a journey of self preservation and greed, will you find yourself cheering on Chapman and thinking to yourself how you wish you could live a life like his?  

Is he a hero or a traitor? This is one thing you will have to decide for yourself...

I loved this book and really didn't want it to end it was a real page turner. Love him or hate him I just couldn't get enough of Agent Zigzag, this is a story straight from the pages of history, and how different history could have been without him...

By Ben Macintyre
ISBN: 9780747592839

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