Sunday, February 03, 2008

I've been off sick for a few days now with a bit of a bug and in my delirium I have been asking myself and the world as a whole some questions! 
Are we products of our parents? 
I would always fight against this one, but at the end of the day I see myself becoming more and more like them. I know there are traits about them I would never like to have but on the whole they were both good people. They raised me to be good to others and to fight for things that I thought were wrong. 
I watch the news each night and see the reports of kids stabbing other kids and have to wonder what is going on! What lessons were their parents teaching them that made them think that picking up a knife or a gun and killing others.
Do we wish for our lives to be better so much that we miss how good they really are?
I never really thought about this one before until it was today. I have for the past year spent all my time moaning about how much I hate living in London when really I should be spending all my time enjoying the time I'm here with Baz. 
Do we really understand the 'Youth of today'?
There is one answer to this one NO! 
Should we really be proud of our country at whatever cost?
I watched a program about how we should be proud of our countries. How I ask myself can I be proud of a country who backs other countries to go to war. A country who thinks it OK to treat people as second class. 
Are we willing to give up the comforts of our way of life now to save the planet for the future generations? 
This one I don't know how to answer... I don't think I would give up my laptop or iPhone for anyone.
If God is out there will he really save those who repent on their death bed? Even if they have killed innocent people?
I can't except that people who repent for crimes that go against the will of a god should be let into the kingdom of heaven. And on the same note how people who kill unbelievers could be seen in any other light than as murders. 
How safe is it to walk the streets of your town of a night time?
I have lived in London for over 35 years and I have never felt as unsafe as I do now. I never see a policeman in the streets yet the government takes more money each year from me to pay for more and more police, but where are they all... Maybe protecting the people who live in the richer parts of town. Because we know they are victims and never criminals... 
Will we ever find a politician who tells the truth all the time?
Who will watch the watchers?
I don't think anyone is watching them until they get caught...
Will we ever have a world without WAR?
Only when mankind is wiped from the face of this planet.
When will religious tolerance really be tolerant?
See answer above...
I thought I would be deep for a Sunday, but hay it is only another day in a year...
Bear. X

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