Thursday, March 13, 2008

As I'm laid up with not much to do I thought I would catch up with some books on audio... Todays book is one I read when I was a teen and I have to say the author is one of the best British Horror writers ever...
The book is the first of a trilogy about mutant rats on the run in london. Though the book a little dated now still gave me a lot of pleasure so much so I even got baz to put it on his iPhone... (and trust me that was a really big thing)
So if you would like to buy a copy of the rats by James Herbert then click on the ISBN: 9780330376143 to link to Waterstone's in the UK, if your not in the UK then type the ISBN into any search website to find it... 
I would just one thing if your heading to a large book store and you have looked up a book on the internet could you please, please take the ISBN as well as all the other book information with you... The hardest thing for someone who works in a bookshop is when they have to spend a long time helping one person find a book that the person looking isn't even sure if its the right one... Thanks (thats my little rant over...)
Bear X


Anonymous said...

Hey, Paul aka Rococoloco.

Just looking in on you, seems like you're having a difficult time of late. I'm sure thinks will pick up.

I hope your back's ok, don't rely on the doc's pill too much, in fact there's a good anti-inflammatory joint complex from Viridian called "Joint Complex", you should be able to get it in a health food store, that could be helpful, and maybe some boneset tea.

You don't seem so into raw these days, is it still something in your life?

I've been thinking about getting a juicer, a really nice (expensive ha!) one, and growing my own greens, dandelion, purslane, and other semi wild leaves, I feel like it's something I'd like to do a lot this summer.

Paul x

Vegan Bear said...

Hi Paul,

Good to know your still around. ;)

I'm still a big green smoothie fan and try to eat as much raw as I can day to day. Like you I will be growing more of my own food again this year, I really found it fun last year and posting it as it went along.

As for my back I have trapped something in both the top and bottom of my back, and I also think I have done something to my neck too.

Let me know if your ever over as I would love to meet up.

Big Bear Hug.