Sunday, June 29, 2008

Watching the Lillie's Grow

The first thing you will notice is the colour change, you may be asking yourself why? 

Well I've now been blogging 2 years now and I've reached the 400th blog entry. 

So where have I gone? 

You have seen me very sick with my CFS/M.E and you have watched as I have grown as a person, developing my photography and working on my cookbook. 

I've been published in a magazine and I've even published my own book. I have gone from a person not knowing where he was going with his life to a person not knowing where he is going with his life but I'm more than happy with that now I've with Baz. 

I should say Baz and I have been together now for almost a year and a half and I love him more each day. I've never felt this much for someone in my life and it keeps me going every day. He supports me in everything I do and I know will back me in anything I decide to do in the future.

So where am I going now?

I'm working on the cookbook now with the help of Bridget as my taster and I know best critic, she will help me pick and sort the recipes for the book, then all I have to do is sort out what to call it!

I'm always looking to move out of London but for now I think we both have to see where the credit crunch is going to take us and then stand back and think about it all with a clear head...

With work I think we are both always looking for new things so I think your just going to have to keep watching this space and see what happens...

Photography will always be my love so as with this blog my Flickr site will be the place to watch...

Bear. X


Mr. Andrea Lewis said...

Hi, I'm a vegetarian switching to veganism. Can you recommend something for a college dorm inhabitant-a cookbook or perhaps food?


Sicnerly, Mr. Andrea Lewis

Vegan Bear said...

any cookbook by Sarah Kramer... She even has a dorm cooking section in one of her books.

Her website is

Anonymous said...

I love the new look (I think I change my blog too much) Congrats on all your acomplishments!