Thursday, August 21, 2008

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This is just a quick one today.

I've had an idea about my running plan that some of you may be interested in.

I was thinking of starting a 'lets all run together' thread on Vegan Freaks forums.

It would be for people who have always wanted to start running but has always felt that it was to hard or they didn't have the support. Or it could just be that every one who you know who runs is just too good.

The way it would work is that we would all start at the same time with a very simple two weeks of walking then moving on to a walk run program and work on from there.

I will work out a program and give everyone who wants to join in an e-mail address that they can send their e-mail to to get a copy of the plan for every two weeks.

The hope would be that we would develop together and be able to give each other support until you felt that you could move on to other threads where people run more.

I will put together something over the weekend and maybe start the thread next sunday/monday.

If your not a member of Vegan Freaks then go to this link and sign up.

Please remember you do have to be Vegan to use the site.

Bear. x

If your interested and want to get the e-mails then send your e-mail address to I will not be sending out anything but the program when we start doing it.

If at a later time you want to be taken off the list just e-mail me and it will be removed.

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