Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Balance 1010 mc

So today I went to the running shop to have my feet recorded as I ran in different running shoes. It was really amazing to see how different shoes made me run.  We found out that I over-pronate, more so on my left foot. So much though that it pulled my foot in at a strange angle.

There are three types of foot placement. Neutral, which are balance and stable. Over-pronator, where your feet go in at the heal (to kiss). Under-pronator, where your feet go outwards at the heal.

I looked for a video to show you and the best I could come up with is this one. In the video the first part the runner has a soft sole running shoe on and you can see the heals going in (over-pronation). In the second part of the video you see the runner with correctional shoes on, you can see how this stops the over-pronation.

So I was told I needed a shoe with a lot of support. This is where the problem lays, a good running shoe with extra support for us bigger lads cost a bomb. I went to a few running stores and they were all over £100 ($200) I couldn't find any in my size that I could buy. Then I dragged my friend Ms P. off to the London Marathon shop down in the city. The shop was the size of a postage stamp and the two of us almost filled it, but there they were, New Balance 1010 mc or as I like to say fat lads support trainers. And the best thing was they only cost me £25 ($50) down from about £80 ($160). The review on Runners World said 'Seriously big but very effective shoes' and it got an over all rating of 80%.

So not a bad days shopping even if I say so myself. I have got these to start and if all works out I can get a better pair later in the year.

Bear. X

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