Thursday, August 28, 2008

So this weeks up-date on weight is as follows:

Start weight:
Current weight: 104.6kg
Weight lost this week: 3.4kg
Total weight lost: 12.4kg
Goal weight: 79kg
Total Weight from start to goal: 38kg
Total weight to go: 25.6kg

The only problem now is that they have taken me off the Reductil because they say my blood pressure has gone up by to much. I did explain I get 'white coat' and I was really getting stressed out about it today. They took my pressure 3 times and even though it dropped it didn't drop enough for them not to take me off it.

I was advised to get my own BP cuff and start to monitor it myself and keep a note of all the readings and go back in two weeks.

To say I was/am upset about it would be an understatement but if I gave in now what would that say about me? so in about 20 minuets I will be walking 4k from home to Piccadilly. 

I will be keeping to the amount of food that I have been eating and see how I go over the next two weeks till I see them again.
Bear. x

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