Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hi Guys,

It's been a bit of a long week and it's only Thursday. Well today is the forth day in my walking/running program. So far this week I have speed walked 7.46 miles not including today. My goal is to walk the 7 miles to work next Friday and then if that doesn't kill me I will start the running/walking program the week after.

Things I've noticed so far is 'I have butts of steal', I'm sleeping really deeply. I can also feel my ribs (very strange feeling as I haven't felt them in about 12 years). Two people at work yesterday told me I'd lost loads of weight... Mostly down to the magic little pills but I would like to think that the walking will help. I've knocked 3.39 minuets of my mile walk in 3 days so I think thats not bad. 

If you want to follow my progress in more detail you can on Vegan Runners. I will still be posting on here but that site is just for my running stuff and this is more about life. You can also find my running tracker on the bottom of the page if you feel like joining me.

One thing I have come across today that I thought I would post is a link to 'What the hell does a Vegans eat anyway?' blog. The reason for me posting it is not only is this a great sit for ideas but also he does a thing called 'Raw Food Wednesday', as some of you know I have always said being raw vegan is the healthiest way to eat and if and when I have the time and money I will go back to being 100% raw. But till then what a great idea to do it at least one day a week.

Now as you know I work shifts so planing it to work on one day for me will be harder but I'm going to have a raw food day at least once a week from now on. To start with I don't think it's going to be to exciting (time, money and work) but if I can do it once a week I'll only be 6 days away from being 100% raw as appose to now when I'm 7 days away. *my strange logic.

Let me know if you have any great quick cheap raw recipes...

I will be seeing the doctor later today so if I have any weight loss I will post it for you to see.

Bear. X

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