Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Don't give in to temptation.

So it's day ten and it's not been that good a day. Yesterday I went shopping after my speed walk, in the supermarket they have a traveling floor that takes you from the ground floor to the basement. Just at the top of it they had a sign saying 'slippery when wet' and a large green mat to wipe your feet on.

I wiped my feet and decided to stand on the walkway so I wouldn't slip as I walked down. I had just put my second foot on the walkway and my hand on the rail when both my feet went over my head and I slammed down onto my back on the floor.

I found I couldn't get a footing as it was really wet so I had to let the walkway take me down. I've hurt both my legs and most of my left side. My back however wasn't to bad, but when I went to walk this morning I knew that I had done something to my 'Psoas Magnus' a muscle at the front of my leg between my hip and my groin.

SO today I took it easy and just got through my day at work. I will see how it is tomorrow and take it from there.

I still only have about 4.5 miles to go so I should be able to do that over the weekend.


Candice Davis said...

Yikes! That sounds painful. Hope you're okay!

Anonymous said...

oh my oh my!!

Ouch is right. Take care of yourself! *hugs*

Vegan Bear said...

Just a little stiff....

Anonymous said...

Hi Veganbear - I popped into your store today and bought a Writers Handbook - just wanted to say thanks - your taking a little time out to be encouraging made my day - and your book looks great!!