Sunday, September 28, 2008

Here are some photo's from our day trip to Brighton. As you can see it was really sunny and hot so it made for a great day by the sea.

Brighton has two piers, but one of the burnt down years ago and all that is left is the shell. Someone has done this great bit of street art on one of the posts.

There were loads seagulls around all day with some of them as big as a dog. Here are just a few sitting around enjoying the sun.

This was on a market stall back in London but it reminded me that Fall is only around the corner.

Brighton has always been known for it's street art.

If only we had time to sit and watch the sea every day, what a amazing world it would be...

Baz looking cute as usual. You can see in the background Brighton burnt out pier.

Oh and a shot of me. Just to piss the person off who said I post a lot of pictures of myself. You should note in the early days of this blog I never posted photos of myself or if I did it would have been only ones of my face, your getting to see just a little bit more of me as my weight goes down... Who knows one day you may see my feet. *grin*

Bear. x

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Anonymous said...

'YAH' to tones of pictures of yourself!!!

I'm exactly the same way...I've made it to the 'waist'...never thought I would do that!