Monday, September 08, 2008

I thought I would post a photo of my new 'New Balance MR859EU'. I went down to the 'London Marathon Shop' in London's Covent Garden yesterday. I was looking for some 'New Balance 768' but they had sold out and suggested the MR859EU instead, so I thought I would give them a go.

I'm still unable to do any running or speed walking due to my accident last Tuesday but I am still trying to keep my mind in the 'Running Zone' ways I have done this is by:

  • Joining a running group.
  • Subscribing to a running magazine.
  • Join a library so that I can read more running and sports nutrition books.
  • Apply for a grant from a big company to pay for my gym membership and equipment.
  • Sign up to as many running websites as I could to get updates and running news.
I will also be writing some things on here to share with you all what I'm learning as I go along they will all be found on my running blog.

This will also include recipes and equipment postings as well as my recovery program plan.

Bear. x

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