Tuesday, January 04, 2011

So about 10 years ago I said to myself I didn't want to be fat and 40, well that didn't happen and I'm now 40 and very fat. 18 stone 11 lbs. As some of you know I use to work for Weight Watchers many years ago when I got down to 11 stone 11 lbs.

Some things have changed over the last few years, to start with I'm as you know now 6 years Vegan. I'm working as a Vegan baker and I'm about to move from the house I have lived in for the last 16 years.

So why Weight Watchers? One of my friends is very pro the program and I think I have to give it another chance. The good thing is that Points have changed to ProPoints and that means I can't guess what points are in things.

I will blog about how I'm going but this time around I want to list the points of Vegan foods I come across as I go along so I can help others out who are Vegan and want to try Weight Watchers for themselves.

Bear x

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