Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So it's now been a week on the new Weight Watchers ProPoints Diet and I weighed in for the first time. So how much did I lose? 5 1/2 lbs or five and a half tins of baked beans.

Bake beans I hear you say?

When I first did Weight Watchers I use to go to the Supermarket and put one tin of beans in a basket for every pound I had lost. When this got to much I photocopied a picture of a tin and made a stack of beans like you would see in a Supermarket on my bedroom wall.

So some thoughts on the first week?

- I felt like I was eating for England so amount of food hasn't been an issue.
- I need to plan more for days when I am at the market as most of the food on sale in the food court are going to be high in points and are not very filling.
- I need to have different fruit other than Bananas.
- I will spend some time pointing recipes I have in my cook books, until then I will hold off buying more cook books.

Would I recommend Weight Watchers on-line to others?

- If you know a bit about the diet and don't have time to go to a meeting then it's a great way to eat and lose weight.
- You should if you can attend a meeting as you will never get a better chance to learn from others.
- If you find someone to do it with then on-line is a great tool. If you have an iPhone it would be even better.
- If your going to do it make sure you track your ProPoints and everything you eat.

Good luck and I will let you know how week 2 goes.

Bear x

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