Wednesday, March 16, 2011

'I  Brixton' 

This is my first blog entry from the new 'Cupcake Central'.

We have come so far in the last few months, with our new home here in Brixton, South London. When we first looked at the shop who would have thought that this ugly caterpillar would turn into this amazing butterfly. We are a bit of a way from finishing but you can see it all starting to take shape.

I'm sitting here with little more than a chair and a table, but not for long as soon deliveries will start to arrive. Ms C and myself went on a little road trip yesterday to look for interesting things to go into the shop, and let me tell you dear friends Ms C has an eye for amazing things. (photo's will follow)

This week at Cupcake HQ we are getting ready to welcome another new staff member into our fold as we get ready for VegFest Brighton. We are going to be baking like made and it has been said Ms C is going to be making some Vegan Lemon Curd to take with her.

I will be staying in London to look after Brixton and make sure we have enough Cupcakes for our stalls on Sunday at Brick Lane and our pop-up shop in Brixton (outside our new shop @408 Coldharbour Lane)

So what is it like to be in Brixton I hear you ask? Well there are some fantastic places and things to do. Firstly, us Ms Cupcake 408 Coldharbour Lane. Then next to us you have Rosie's Cafe & Deli (you can get Soya milk and Vegan Sandwiches there) then around the corner you will find Franco Manca Pizzeria (pizza number one is Vegan)

Then once you have had your fill of food you could do a little some shopping in the two indoor markets or in the amazing street market, where not only can you get the most amazing foods but they are so cheap you'll never go back to a supermarket again. As you can tell 'I  Brixton' and all that it has to offer.

I will keep you updated on all that is going on here as well as introduce you to some of the things going on around here from time to time.

Till then I will say goodbye till next time.

Bear X

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