Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It's always a good place to start.

When I started this blog I had started a journey, a journey that I hadn't got a road map for. The first few steps were hard and it took all my concentration to keep to the path. Blogger helped me keep my eye on where I was going.

Now when I started there were a few good blogs that I always read and aspired to be like. I tried to keep everything interesting and topical. You have watched me change jobs, grow my own lunch and you have followed me through one or two heart breaks.

I'm at a stage now where I'm trying to decide where my path will take me next. You would think this an easy task but let me share this with you, it's a long way from being written in stone.

I have a great job and life is a little bumpy from time to time, but over all I have come out of this last year a lot older and maybe a little more humble.

so back on track. I have a feeling that the next year will be one of big change for me. Firstly I will be selling up and moving into rented accommodation, this could be an experience of highs and lows. I also plan to travel over the next year, Scotland is high on my list and I would love to feed back on what Vegan life north of the wall.

I know these blogs will be patchy and not always very long but I hope you will like them.

Always humble that you read this.

Vegan Bear x

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