Saturday, August 13, 2011

Life is One Big Riot

So if you've not had your head in the clouds for the last week you may have noticed if not first hand then maybe on one of the extended news reports, there have been a fe riots not only in London but also around England too.

It started a week ago today with some shocking violence in north London and soon spread to what is normally thought of as safe areas of London, then within a few days the whole of England.

Why? No one can say for sure, the people doing it have said because 'it's a way of getting our taxes back' 'we can't afford to go to uni, so we have no hope in getting a job' 'the kids have nothing to do now'. All you would think may be good reasons to riot but for a few problems.

Not only have people been rioting but looting (mainly sports clothing stores and mobile phone shops) but they have also been setting fire to buildings and cars. People have been made homeless but people businesses that have been around for hundreds of years have now been burnt to the ground.

This will not be a week any of us forget, but with any luck it may be over.

This has been nothing more than mindless violence and distraction of this great city.

I hope you sleep safe after watching the news this week as it could all happen to a town or city near you.

Bear x

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