Monday, September 05, 2011

One of the hardest things I've ever done...

Baz and I separated over nine months ago now and I have to for personal reasons put my flat up for sale. This will leave me having to crash on floors and maybe move into a bedsit.

This is not good for two of the most amazing companions I've ever had. Let me introduce you to them and see if you could maybe give one or both of them a home.

This is Punk He is 15 years old and has been with me from the age of six weeks. He has always been there for me and has never not been excited to see me. 

He likes to sleep a lot but also has a kitten deep in side himself. He is great and can be left over night, if you put food down for him he will only eat when he needs to.

If he had his way he would lay across your shoulders and be carried everywhere, he would also love to cone to bed with you. I should say though he is an early to bed early to rise lad who wants to be stroked all the time.

If you want someone to chat to and give loving hugs to he is your man.

He has never been sick in his life and has also never been outside more than once, and he really didn't like it. He would be a great cat to live with others who are not dominant, he likes the easy life and will not give you any problems.

This is Noah, She is 5 years old now and is still a kitten. Though she is new to our family she is top cat around the house.

Noah is very different to Punk she would be best suited to being the only cat in the house if she's not able to stay with Punk. She doesn't like change and does get a little stressed now and again. She's not going to like moving but she will not play up. She has pulled the fur out from her leg the last time we had big changes in the house.

She has never been sick and is also a house cat. I do think she would be able to go outside but she is another cat who will sleep most of the day. Unlike Punk she is better with a set time pattern you couldn't leave her with food down as she will just eat it all up. I think when she is the only cat this wouldn't be an issue. She came from a house with a lot of other siblings as well as dogs and I think it was all a bit to much for her.

She doesn't like being picked up but will come to you whenever you sit down to take up room on the sofa next to you, and once she gets to know you you'll have a hard time to get her off your lap but come supper time she will be by her bowl.

So the important stuff;

If you could give them a home together or individually please e-mail me as soon as you can. I don't have a car but would have to find a way to get them to you. The sale of the house could go through at any time so the sooner you could have them the better for them.

It's going to be very hard for me to say goodbye so if you could send me updates and photo's it would be very nice.

Please e-mail me if you think you could help me out. If you can't do it and know someone who you think would like these guys in there lives then please pass on my e-mail.

I live in north London so people who live in London would be best.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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