Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Adi Vegushi

Sticky Rice

200g Cooked Sushi Rice


2 tbsp Rice Vinegar
1 tbsp Mirin
1 tsp Caster Sugar
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Sesame Oil

While rice is hot place in a backing tray and gradually fold in the dressing. Continue folding the till it cools, the bigger the tray the quicker it will cool.

Making the Vegushi you’ll need:

1 Bamboo Sushi rolling mat
4 sheets Sushi Nori
2 inch Wasabi paste
Thinly sliced vegetables for the filling

Lay a sheet of Nori on the Bamboo mat (I use a bit of Clingfilm in between the Nori and the mat, this is to help keep the shape when it is chilling)
Lay a thin layer of the dressed rice over half the sheet of Nori (wet your hands with a little cold water will help you work the rice). With your finger dab a small amount of Wasabi along the middle of the rice (here less is almost more, Wasabi is very hot).
Now you can lay the strips of vegetables along the same line, I have used Spring Onion, Cucumber, Roasted Peppers and Avecardo. Roll the Vegushi up using the mat to pull it tight, when the roll meets the flap without rice wet your finger with a little water and run it along the leading edge, continue to roll and the Vegushi will meet and make a roll. Cut of the extra Nori, roll the Vegushi in the Clingfilm an chill for about an hour before cutting with a sharp knife.

Eat with Sushi Ginger and a good Soya Sauce.

I’m not the best Vegushi maker but I have a lot of fun making it, but if I was to give you one it would be make more than you think because you’ll always want more.

All I can do now is wait to think what Adi thinks tomorrow.


1 comment:

Adi said...

dude, it tasted SO GOOD
with the tiny chopsticks
and the miso soup
and i told ALL my friends (well two, but only the important ones anyway) and yeah :D
*has a dish named after her*
see you tomorrow!