Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy Mid-Summer

I had to make a Blog entry this morning as its mid-summer and I feel like its a new start for me, over the last few months I have changed so much that it seems that not a day goes past when something big doesn't happen, well today I have decided that to be happy in who I have become I have to live in a totally 100% Vegan house, with as much of it Green as I can. This dose mean asking my flat mate to move out.

Don't get me wrong it is nothing to do with her or anything that she has done it's just that I need to do this, you could say its the next step.

Now for those of you that know me will be doing one of two things, some of you will be saying "well its about time!" and the rest of you will be saying "how you gona cope without the extra money?" well to the first, yer you were right, but then you knew that.

To the second lot, I have been giving it alot of thought, firstly she dose cost me money, I ask you who puts lights on at 6am on mid-summers day, I could read the fuckin small print on the back of a matchbox at 50 feet it was so bright, and she makes me freak with the amount of waste and junk she brings into the house, most of it I have to fish out of the trash and put in the recycling bag. She never washes up after her, leaving things in the sink. She also never does house work outside her bedroom, its as if she never uses anywhere else. Well those are a few things that are getting to me, and some of you will say have been for a very long time.

Now I decided I'm going to wait till after I get back from holiday and just before her next payday to do this so she has enough time and all being well enough money to move on, I think it will be good for both of us. Living with me at the moment is not a good thing, I have so much going on in my life that I'm not going to stop to pick up other people.

So going 100% Vegan (well I say that, I am it's just the house that's not) and Green, now that's going to make this Blog a bit more interesting.....

I will be posting some more food later, I think I'm going to make Vegushi (Vegan Sushi) this is for a very good friend of mine who says she always wanted to try sushi but I gave her a book she read it now she's Vegan and didn't get to try it. This dish will be called Adi's Vegushi in my cookbook just for her so she knows how imprest I am with the way she has turned her life around.


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