Saturday, June 24, 2006

Vegan Quiche..... (or not)

well it had to be tried, using egg replacer to make Leek Quiche.... I would of liked to post a recipe, but I couldn't do it to you.... Oh my god, I've never cooked anything that I wouldn't eat before, but this was a first. I have to say it looked great, smelt a bit like cake, had the texture of swamp bog and the taste of putty filler with a hint of Leek. Oh well if at first you don't... ect, ect. I'll try again and let you know.

I also tried to make phake-cheese sauce with the egg replacer, again should of known better!

So what's going on in good old Vegan world, well I should be off to New York City in July to try all things Vegan, I will report back to you on what's going down on the other side of the pond with food reports as well as some shopping tips.


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Adi said...

if its any consolation
it does LOOK good XD