Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Thought for the day:

Well as some of you may know I turned 36 yesterday and I don't know if it was the day or the situation but I have been doing alot of thinking, mostly about how old I feel *grin* but other thoughts too like "What can I do to live my life GREENER?" "Will I ever meet some one who thinks the same as me to settle down with or am I setting the bar to high for others?" I do know that there are things around me now that are getting to me, I still do not understand how in the middle of summer someone would need to the lights on in the morning, I wouldn't mind if they could see a inch in front of there nose without there contacts in! (yes the flat mate!)

I would like to point out to any Gay Vegan hairy men who are reading this that I'm not always like this and living with me can be fun... *grin*

I've also been thinking about..... How to turn the estate I live on greener! Also about how many trees I'm going to have to plant to offset my trip to NYC! Bet your all glad you don't live in my head!

I should also explain about the Mushroom photo now, it was a shot I did last year with my Macro lens, I love the way it looks and thought I should also post some of my photos on here to, please feel free to copy them but let me know if you want to use them as I may have a better shot. (its also the nice thing to do)

Well that's the rant bit for today! I think I'm going to post some food stuff later but it may be tomorrow as I have alot on.


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