Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Bamboo.....

This is a kinda up date Blog to let you know what’s going on in the life of Vegan Bear…

O.K lets get started, as most of you know I have been off work sick now for some time. For those of you that don’t know I have CFS/M.E. I have to say at the moment I’m quite unwell some days it’s hard to get out of the house for even my 10 mins of fresh air that I’m meant to get each day, for the last day or so I haven’t been able to get out as I’ve been feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck. I hope I start to feel better sometime soon…

I was told as well as getting out for 10 mins a day I have also been told to do small tasks, these range from doing a wash to doing a hobby subject. So I chose to grow some beans and herbs. So at the weekend I got my sister to get me some planters and seeds so I could start to pot some seeds and grow them. She also got me a Bamboo plant to kind of make the space look green till my seeds took off, it also gives me something nice to look at and look after.

I will be Blogging my seeds and hopefully plants too, I hope to get enough to be able to give my sister some to grow in her garden for her and the kids to eat… she is having a hard time of it at the moment and I think with me being sick has given us some time to get close again. She will be moving away soon and its nice to have this time together.

I have had some nice e-mails from people about my Blog and just want to say thank you for all of them.

I had some ideas when I first started writing this Blog some time back, just as a reminder here they are again:

1. I wanted to show the types of great food you can cook and eat when you’re Vegan.

(I hope that I have done this by posting the kinds of food I have been eating, I am however planning to post a week of every item of food I eat including snacks and any brand drinks I have, this is so that people new to Veganisum can see what sort of food I eat)

2. I want to help others in how to live a more Vegan life.

3. I also want to leave a record of who I am and how important a Vegan lifestyle is.

(These two kind of go together in their answer. I was chatting to someone on line the other day he was asking me about myself and what else I did apart from working on my cookbook and write my Blog, I guess he was trying to say other than being Vegan (I should point out he was also Vegan). It was funny because everything in my life now stems from being Vegan… I don’t think it was strange but I can see how others would. To me being Vegan is the only way forward for mankind, and if I spend the rest of my days working and talking to people about being Vegan then so be it)

O.K I have gone on long enough, I think what I am trying to say is that I have a feeling this Blog will change alot over the next few months but I hope it is intresting enough for you to keep reading it...

I hope you all sleep well tonight as tomorrow is a new day...

Bear. X

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