Saturday, August 04, 2007

Amazing Lunch…

So as you know I have read a lot of raw vegan cookbooks over the last few weeks and in them most of them have a recipe for raw vegan sushi.

Now never to follow the crowd I thought I would post my own it is a lot like the others but I like to think I have added my own twist to it.

I have taken some photos along the way to show you what it looked like at different points.

The first thing I did was to prepare all my fillings. I have two things to mix, one to grate and one to get out of a bag. The total time it took to make lunch was about 15 mins.

Here is the main filling. My ginger wasabi avocado spread. In a small hand blender mix in some freshly grated Ginger and a half teaspoon of wasabi paste, blend this together for a minute then add the avocado and the juice of ½ a lemon and pulse this together. Add a little salt and pepper to taste. Now if you’re like me and like more heat just add a bit more wasabi. Make this just before you need it, as the great colour will fade.
If you don’t have a blender you can do this all by hand.

Next is the onion and tomato mix. This is a great little mix as it adds colour and flavour to the sushi and the onion also adds a bit of bitter taste to the dish. I had some sun dried tomatoes that had been soaked sitting by so I used them instead of fresh ones. I used 4 salad onions cut at a slant for presentation as the onion part of the dish, and just because I had some around I also added chives. Mixed this well and set it aside. This part of the dish can be made beforehand and will keep, but make sure it’s at room temperature as the taste will be better.

Now for a really hard part, grate a carrot and set aside. This is best done fresh as it will not stay crunchy if left to long.

And then the bag salad… I’m sorry but when I want food quickly I find fresh-bagged salad is better than something that has been sitting on a market stall in the heat before I get it home.

To assemble the sushi, first place a Nori sheet with the shinny side down. Now I use a rolling mat to make this part easy but if you can’t get hold of one then just use some food wrap and lay it under the Nori. Now on half of the Nori spread some of the avocado mix over it. Don’t take it to close to the edge as when you roll it, it will spread out along the tube and can get messy.

Next add some of you carrot and your onion tomato mix. Top the whole thing off with some salad, remembering less is more when you’re going to roll things.

Roll your sushi mat towards the end with no filling, pushing the main edge inwards to form a tube. As you get to the end run a wet finger along the empty edge and roll to seal.

Let sit for a second then cut into 4 bite size bits, you will need a sharp knife for this and do take your time as you don’t want to make it fall apart.

If you make any mistakes remember you can eat them so there is nothing lost…

this is a great quick snack to show off to your friends, you can even get them to help you.

Bear. X


bridgetxx said...

omg that looks so yum, am going to make a picnic now so might try this for lunch with my bro today. i have got a raw book called living cuisine that i really like
let me know if youd like to borrow it

Vegan Bear said...

I have it thanks. I just haven't got around to reading it...

hope you enjoy lunch. x

faith said...

I have always been a good vegan cook, but I find the raw recipies a little intimidating still. I also don't have a dehydrator yet (a bit of an expense for me) the sushi looks wonderful! I have never made sushi, but I would like to try.