Friday, August 03, 2007

I use to work for a leading diet company about 10 years ago before the presser of having to stay at a weight below what I now think is healthy for me and as a result of working for this company I developed Bulimia. It took a long time for me to recover to the stage I’m at now. I know some of you would look at me and say ’you can’t be Bulimic as your over weight’ well I just have to say to you that Bulimia is all about what’s in your head most of the time. I don’t think I will ever have a day when I don’t have a Bulimic thought about myself but I can say they have less of an impact on me now more than ever.
Any how I got a little side tracked this was going to be a happy posting, so let me get on…

When I lost weight before I found it very hard to get an image of what the weight looked like so when in the supermarket one day I was looking for something that weighed a lb, and there on the shelf in front of me was a Heinz baked bean tin weighing a lb when full. So I drew a picture of a tin and photocopied it cut it out and made a wall chart of my weight loss. I found it a very good motivator to keep me going and it also became a bit of an icon for me.

Well as you know I have been almost raw for a month now. Not to loss weight but to get my health back on form as well as develop my veganisum to a higher state. In the process I have for the first time in years weighed myself. After the first shock of finding out how much weight I have put back and more I have been happily weighing myself every two weeks now.
I have to date lost 20lbs on raw Vegan food, that’s 20 tins of baked beans, I don’t even think I could lift that much…
I just wanted to tell someone and I thought of your guys.

Bear. X

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