Monday, August 06, 2007

7lbs in 7 Days. Supper Juice Diet.
By Jason Vale
ISBN: 9780007231478

This is the main book I use when I'm juicing as it gives me lots of ideas of how to mix my juices. I saw Jason at a ViVa road show and thought he was great, I only wish I could have spent more time talking to him. When I first decided to go raw I needed a boost to how I was feeling and I used the 7lb in 7 days to not only clear my body of all the 'crap'that was in it but also because you only drink juice for the whole 7 days, my dependance on solid cooked food.

One tip I would give you is don't have any other food in the house, this includes pasta and rice, then if you do feel like eating something you will only have what is around you to eat, and trust me that will only be alot of fruit and veg. If I had to give this book a star rating it would be 5*.

Bear x

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