Monday, August 06, 2007

So, I’m now back from my weekend away at my nephew's wedding. We had a really nice time seeing family, but I would never stay at a Holiday Inn again in my lifetime.

Here are some photos from the big day.

Scott and Nat leaving the church, now Mr & Mrs Towner.

My sister and Kate, Josh and Asa.

Me all suited and booted with my sister and Kate her oldest and only daughter.

Here is Baz in his suit looking very sexy...

Now this little lady stole the show. Her name is Molly and her dad is going out with Kate. She was very shy to start off with but half way through the day she came out of her shell. She wouldn't let anyone take photos of her but by the end of the day she let me take a few of her, this is one of the best ones.

So we're back from the weekend and I can't wait to get back onto the juice and raw veg again. roll on tomorrow morning.

Bear. X

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