Thursday, August 09, 2007

I was just looking at some other raw websites and I thought it was funny that a lot of them are selling you something. A lot are selling you their e-cookbooks, courses and cookery classes.

Now I know we all have to make a living but I find it shocking that people chose to charge a lot of money for. Now I know from when I first became a Vegan I would have done anything to promote Veganisum and to show people that you can have lots of choice without eating meat.

I have over the last few weeks the amazing benefits of eating raw and I want to tell the world about it, so to that end I will always make the information I write to be free and available to everyone.

I would love to know enough about raw cooking to be able to teach this to others and as soon as I do I will be passing on that information at a cost that others can afford and in doing so making it accessible to everyone who wants to make the change.

That’s my little rant over and done with, sorry if you run a class and only charge costs this was never aimed at you. Together we have to show the world that being Vegan and Raw are the best things that they can do and together we can show them.

Bear. X

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