Monday, December 03, 2007

One of the best things I think on the market today is Bento Lunch Boxes. If your a kid of any age you will love these lunch boxes, they come with handy little compartments (with lids) and a small tub for salad dressings and even a spoon and fork.  

These little boxes can make any lunch interesting and a real treat, for some ideas of how you can fill them you should have a look at Vegan Lunch Box Blog and see what Jennifer makes for her son. 

Click on this link and you can have a look: Vegan Lunch Box Blog

Here is Jennifer's book of the best of her lunch box creations with 150 ideas to tempt you with.

If your like me and think these are just great then you can get hold of them here:

They are great if your on a diet or just want more control over your portion sizes. You can fill them up with lots of treats or you can have a healthy hearty tea.

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