Thursday, May 08, 2008

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So it's the start of day eight Raw I would have blogged yesterday but I had a really bad day with my back and by the time I got home and got dinner ready I couldn't get the energy up to do anything but chill...

So lets get down to how things are going... I made some really nice burgers from 'The Raw Family' book '12 Steps To Raw Food' I did dehydrate them unlike the recipe but I have to say I have really gone off over process foods and dehydrated items.

I will say I made a great dish inspired from the book called 'You'll not believe its just Cabbage'. Its White Cabbage with two tablespoons of Olive Oil, two tablespoons of Nutritional Yeast and some Salt. The way I changed it was to add some Salad Onions, grated Carrot and some mixed dry herbs and chili flakes. It was amazing and a great change from Coleslaw I also had some left and had it for lunch the next day. The effect of leaving it a day was they Cabbage had taken on the look of Sourcrout, though I would add a little Apple Cider Vinegar to give it the really taste.

So day eight... I'm waiting for Baz to wake up and I think we are going to the garden centre to get some Tomato plants for the window boxes and then I'm off into town to learn how to organise the language section in my shop. It's a section I haven't ran before so 5 have to work out the best way to organise it so I can get it running well and making money.

Dinner tonight looks like it's going to be Raw-slaw and Avocados, the thought is making my mouth water...

If you are interested in going Raw and want a helping hand then why not check out 'The Raw Life' website and maybe go on one of Anna's courses. I found Anna to be a great teacher with a easy approach to introducing Raw into you everyday life. I found the one and two day course the most informative of any course I have ever done. I came away with the feeling that Raw food preparation was quick and easy and I would never feel deprived of anything in my life. Check out her news page for some inspirational stories and information.

Have a good day today and I will catch up with you soon...

Bear. X

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