Thursday, July 24, 2008

So I thought I would give you a really quick day 5 update on the Sibutramine and how it's working...

Well I am about to take my sixth little pill and all is going well. It's a bit strange not having the feeling of hunger in any way. The first thing I notice if I haven't eaten for a long time is I tend to feel a little light headed and my belly makes a noise. The answer to this is just me sorting out what to eat and when. I never use to eat any breakfast but I think now I really do have to start or I can start to feel a bit unwell. I put this down to the reduced amounts of food I'm eating.

I would say I have reduced my food intake to about a third of what I would normally eat in a day. 

I have to really think about food a lot to build myself up to eating it or I just don't want it. 

So here are my day 5 tips...

  • Drink lots of water, getting dehydrated can make you feel like shit and when your eating less thats not good. Carry some with you all the time.
  • Plan your meals and your meal times.
  • Make your food interesting and remember to make much less of it.
  • Make every mouthful count; use foods high in vitamins and that are healthy. Any raw veg is good for you.
  • I have ice pops in the frizzer for a treat if I want one, they are high in water and are nice if I'm not hungry and just fancy something with a taste to keep me going.
One thing that has freaked me out a little is how easy these pills are to get over the net. I'm not sure I would suggest anyone take these with out the monitoring of your doctor. I think they are great but they do have side affects and you really need to have your blood pressure checked by someone who knows what they are doing.

I will keep you updated from time to time, I have my next appointment next friday so I hope to see a bit of a weight loss by then.

Bear. X

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