Friday, August 20, 2010

Sometimes it's better to leave the comment to the author so let me hand over this posting to Melisser Elliott...

The Vegan Girl's Guide to Life by Melisser Elliott is a book that is not only for vegan girls, but anyone who's interested in a cruelty free lifestyle, with recipes and tips for DIY living.

The book will contain the basic who-what-where-when-why of veganism, but also include tips like what to feed non-vegans, the best vegan beauty products, fun vacation spots, plus an assortment of recipes & crafty projects including Jackfruit "Carnitas" Tacos, Twice Baked Chipotle Sweet Potatoes, Cracked Coriander Seed and Chai Tea-Rubbed Vegan Steak Lo Mein, Double Chocolate Cookies, Purple Cow Cupcakes, DIY Dessert Stands, a Cross Stitch pattern by Stitch'd Ink, and how to make your own produce bags.

Bear comment: I think it's always great to see a new Vegan Lifestyle book and this one looks like it will not only be a fun pick up and read once kinda book. I can see new and old timers dipping into this one. Put down your Mrs Beaton and your Kath Kidston and pick up a new Vegan book to beat all others.


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