Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pillars of Hercules Organic Farm Shop & Cafe

I had an amazing day yesterday and thought I would share it with you... So Beardy and I decided to take a road trip to one of our local farm shops, one thing I have dreamt about when planning my big move to the country would be to have local farmers markets and local farm shops on my door step. 

Having been a little disappointed with the lack of farmers markets around I was not holding out much hope for a farm shop that would offer me anything other than potatoes.

Well a visit to Pillars of Hercules made me eat my words. It was not only an idilic place to be but it was a cornucopia of Vegan treats, not only in the very well stocked shop but also in the cafe.

Nothing could make this farm shop any better, really, it was stunning. It's not very often I walk into a shop that stocks Vegan products and find things I've not seen before at every health shop and Wholefoods store but Pillars of Hercules left me with not only a full basket of vegetables and goodies but a long list of things I wanted to buy for my next visit.

As a city boy I've only ever dreamed of vegetables this fresh and I can't wait to start writing recipes to share with you. 

Not only do the nice people from the Pillars of Hercules sell from there shop on the farm but the also have a box delivery service running in Fife. At £15 a box (£14 with direct debt) I can only see this as a bonus to my new healthy living.

The colours from this fresh fruit and vegetables was hypnotising.

Everything was fresh and smelt so good.

Vegan treats were on display for a quick bite.

You can watch them farm as you wonder around the farm.

There was something almost spiritual when you come to the Pillars of Hercules a feeling of calm comes over you. In addition to the shop and cafe you can camp on the farm, or even rent a cottage within its grounds. Take a look at there website and see for yourself, but be in no mistake that I will be telling you more about this place in future posts.

I'm just waiting for them to reply to my e-mail on information about having my first veg box delivered the week after our holiday.

Bear x

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