Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The weight issue...

As anyone who reads my blog will know I have spent a lifetime fighting my weight issues. Over the years I have tried and failed all diets some after some amazing weight losses. 

Weight Watchers - 6 stone, Slimming World 2 stone, You Are What You Eat 1 stone and The Food Doctor 3 stone. The problem I have with all of them was about how to fit them into my life and to keep to them once I had lost the weight I wanted too.

With Weight Watchers I had to know the points in things, they also changed the diet so on my last return thing got even more complexed and harder to follow. If you can eat there ready meals then maybe this one would work for you, but as a vegan none of there meals are suitable for me to eat.

Slimming world again relies on you knowing what was a green food and what was a red food. I have problems remembering my name most days so this is another one thats not for me...

You Are What You Eat & The Food Doctor are both vegan friendly diets and both easy to follow, But there is a 'BUT' if your out and about it's really hard to just grab something on the go. They do however teach you some good rules and having a look at them to get ideas and tips wouldn't do anyone any harm.

So where am I going with this posting? Well I've always steered away from kCal counting, I'm not sure why I think because the first diet I ever followed told me not to do it and I guess it just stuck.

So after watching The Biggest Loser on tv yet again and thinking I wish I could be somewhere like that and lose as much weight as they have and look as good as they do. Well I don't know anyone who would enter the program with me so I guess I'm just going to have to do it myself.

But hang on what's this they are advertising in the advert break? The Biggest Loser Club! 

I went over and had a look.... It's an easy to follow diet and if you want exercise on-line diet club and it's only £9.95 a month (I think that makes it the cheapest diet I've followed). 

So I signed up last week and followed the kCal counting plan that I was told I could follow, the diet plan does give you a Vegetarian plan you can follow but as yet not a vegan one. Having said that the food list does have vegan foods listed and you can add your own foods to the personal list too. I have also started a thread in the community and with any luck there is enough Vegan's on there to maybe get them to do more for us.

I cooked a Moroccan Tagine that was Vegan and it was amazing, Beardy also enjoyed it so I think we will be eating it again.

So I think by now your all wanting to know how I got on? Well I lost 5.5lbs and that was with me being out of action for most of the week with a twisted knee (a little better now). I've also been looking at joining the local gym and pool as well as getting a Wii with Zumba and The Biggest Loser games on it.

Why do I think it works? Well for the first time I'm counting kCal and not anything else, every item sold in shops from Chocolate bars to tins of beans has the kCal's on them so when your out you can see there and then what your eating. I have bought some things in portion controlled sizes but for the most I haven't had too. 

It also means that even Beardy can work out the kCal's in things so making life easier for everyone around me too. And better still I've not been grumpy or felt hungry what so ever. And I know it sounds strange but I can feel the weight coming off!?!

Well I hope the weight keeps coming off, and I will post one or two recipes as and when I come across them...

Bear x

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