Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just Bento

What an amazing website! I don't review many websites or blogs, not because I don't spend hours every day reading them, because I really do. But while looking at my diet and thinking about going on day trips with Beardy and thought we should take healthy pack lunches with us, and what better way of that but with a Bento Box.

Next I was looking for ideas and advice and I came across a website called Just Bento  not only is it full of great food porn (pictures to drool over) but every click leads to more tips to make your Bento Box even better.

Now just when you thought that wasn't good enough your just a few clicks away from owning the book to go with the website... 'The Just Bento Cookbook' ISBN 9784770031242 and can be ordered from all good bookshops and on-line. I'm just starting to read it but let me tell you it's looking good, I'll have to let you know when I've tried a few of the recipes.

Now picking a Bento Box, there is a lot written on this subject but what I have gained from all that I've read is...

1) Size isn't as clear as it looks. Some small Bento Boxes may look small but intact they have a lot of space inside. I would say start off with what you have, if you have a sandwich box at home already.

2) Another good reason for using what you have is that Bento Boxes are not quick to produce (well not as quick as a sandwich anyways) and you may find it doesn't fit into you life style.

3) One website suggest putting your dinner into your Bento Box and see how full it looks, this will give you an idea of how full you want to fill it.

4) Remember its not going to be full of junk, this is the new you and your going to fill it with healthy things. Lots of green things look good in a Bento Box and I'm not talking green M&M's.

5) Make sure it looks nice, I want to look cool with my Bento Box as I'm sure you do too? Some are fun and light hearted but really think about who is going to see you with your box, if your to embarrassed to take your lunch out of your bag your never going to use it.

6) If you eat meat and eggs (I'm not sure you'll be reading my blog anyways) you need to make sure it will fit into your work fridge or can be packed with a blue ice block. I found that Ikea ice blocks (you get them in the food section at Ikea) work well and are the right size.

7) Other things to think about... Is it dishwasher proof? Is it microwaveable? When closed is it leak proof? Nothing worst than getting to work and your lunch is in the bottom of your bag!

8) Something else to think about is how your going to eat your lunch, I've ordered chopsticks and cutlery that fits into my box. I also have a little bag that everything fits into, I had a friend who had a large headscarf that she used as a little table cloth but tied up around her Bento Box to keep everything together. It looked cool and everyone use to want to know what was in it...

Now the Bento Box I have splashed the cash on is a Monbento one (pictured above) and I found that if you go to there website it's a little cheaper and it's no cheaper than going to Amazon. They also sell lots of accessories that you may want to add. But please not it soon adds up and it's easy to spend £30+ on a Bento Box kit before you even start to map some food. A good Bento Box will last you a life time so it is always a good idea to buy quality though.

If this temps you to buy one then I'm sure like me you will get great joy out of your new Bento lifestyle.

Bear x

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